SRJ Bespoke Enclosure Repairs

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Fully Customised Enclosure Repair Solutions

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February 22 2024

SRJ bespoke solutions are designed to suit complex shapes and configurations, arresting leaks on live systems. 

SRJ enclosure repairs can be installed on degraded or failed piping systems to prevent and/or arrest loss of containment.

Pros & Limitations
Live leak sealing – no need for process shutdown
Fully developed engineering workpack in under 48 hours
Rapid prototyping facility
No complex tooling required
Fully custom designs for complex geometry or applications with restricted access
Custom designs require dimensional survey and lead time for manufacturing
Specification Title Specification Description
Bespoke engineering solutions to seal leaks on static equipment: Valves, Elbows, Tees, Flanges, Nozzles, etc.
Areas of Application
Oil and Gas | Desalination | Mining | Utilities | Shipping | Power Generation
Asset life extension
Extends asset lifetime, reduces maintenance costs, and safely delays replacement works and shutdown
Capable of sealing live system leaks – no impact on plant operation
Designed in accordance with AS1210 and ASME VIII pressure vessel standards
Implementation time
Bespoke solutions are designed and manufactured at short notice
SRJ Enclosure repairs are installed on degraded or failed piping systems to prevent or arrest loss of containment
Suitable for a range of pipe sizes and geometries


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SRJ delivers weld-free pipe repair and replacement solutions, bespoke EPRS tools and specialised engineering services, helping asset owners and operators improve safety, increase operational efficiency, and enable proactive and cost-effective approach to Asset Integrity Management.

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