About TechnologyCatalogue.com

We are the leading technology and expertise platform for the Energy Transition.

TechnologyCatalogue.com supports companies in finding, selecting, ranking and deploying the right technologies to reduce CO2 emissions, increase efficiency and improve safety.

We offer suppliers the platform to showcase their technologies, and work together with a large pool of deployment partners to get these technologies sustainably embedded into your business.

Our Business Model

Track Record and Experience of the Founders

We learned the hard way why a platform like TechnologyCatalogue.com is needed & how it can deliver most value to your company.

Erik Nijveld - CEO (right)
Erik has 25 years of work experience, of which 19 years with Shell. He has a strong track-record of leading the development and deployment of technology. 

Vincent van Beusekom - COO/CTO (left)
Vincent has 14 years of experience in the Energy industry. He held engineering and technology leadership positions at Shell. 

Our Team

We are a diverse group of seven internal, seven external team members and nine partners!

Our extended team is spread across 14 different countries and we speak 11+ languages collectively. We have varying academic backgrounds and professional experiences, but work collaboratively towards one goal: to grow our platform. 

The internal team’s office is in Delft in the Netherlands, while the external team’s is located in Pune in India. Our nine (9) partners, who we work with to expand our global presence, are based in different countries across the globe.

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Communities We Serve

  • Companies - We help companies find, select, rank and deploy the right technologies for their business.

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  • Suppliers  - We provide suppliers the platform to market their technologies and attract potential clients globally, 24/7.  

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  • Tech Experts - We offer tech experts a strategic venue to position themselves as the authority in getting these technologies deployed.

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