tech in the spotlight November 2022

12 UK Technologies that will Change the Way You Manage Your Facilities

Technological advances have made it easier for companies to become more agile and efficient, while at the same time enabling them to reduce CO2 emissions and improve safety. This is especially true for the Energy, Oil & Gas, and Utilities sector where companies are constantly seeking new technologies to help them manage their facilities, track assets and do periodic maintenance on their assets.

This month, we're shining the spotlight on 12 innovative UK technologies for managing your facilities. We'll highlight the benefits that each of these technologies can provide, and how they can help improve the efficiency of your operations.

End-users blog

How Helps Energy Companies with Focusing on the Right Tech supports companies in finding, selecting, ranking and deploying the right technologies to reduce CO2 emissions, increase efficiency and improve safety. We are thereby focusing on companies in the energy sector.

To substantiate on how end-user companies can benefit from, our Sales Manager Judith Nugent will answer relevant questions below.

Blog on industry associations Seeks Strong Partnerships with Industry Associations views industry associations as a strategic partner in reaching a wider network of technology end-users, suppliers and deployment partners. 

Their annual or semi-annual gatherings have proven to strengthen connection, commitment and knowledge sharing among members. Nonetheless, having another venue to connect and share knowledge 24/7, regardless of where their members are, holds great value, especially in times where there is a blurring line between online and offline communities.

With this in mind, Co-Founder and CEO Erik Nijveld shares in this Q&A blog how we would like to collaborate with industry associations.

Deployment Partners and their role on

Deployment Partners and their role on

Technology deployment is another aspect that is key in ensuring a seamless flow of innovation in the energy industry. And this is where intends to expand its presence further by strengthening the role of Deployment Partners on the platform, which counts to over 140 as of writing.

To discuss this initiative further, Co-Founder and CEO Erik Nijveld answers a few questions for this blog.

October Techs in the Spotlight

10 Dutch Technologies for Managing Turnarounds

Turnarounds in the conventional energy industry are not uncommon. The turnaround time for a project can vary depending on a multitude of factors, such as the resources available, the size and scope of the project, and any unforeseen issues or problems that might arise during the process.

For this month's “Tech in the Spotlight”, we will discuss 10 Dutch technologies for managing turnarounds more effectively and efficiently. These technologies can help you to avoid costly surprises, optimize your turnaround planning, and ensure a safer and more efficient execution.


Geothermal Technologies in the Spotlight

Geothermal Technologies in the Spotlight

Geothermal energy is ground heat stored in the earth's crust. To unlock geothermal energy, technical challenges need to be addressed that are similar to technical challenges for the exploration and production of oil and gas. As such, technology transfer is often seen as a cross-over between the two energy sectors. 

For this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight, we are showcasing geothermal solutions that were also used and deployed by oil and gas companies. Scroll through the technologies and check their technology pages to know more.

Digging Into the Untapped Potential of Geothermal Energy

Digging Into the Untapped Potential of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal is ground heat stored in the earth's crust. Given that the heat is constantly present within the earth’s subsurface and carried via extremely hot water or steam, this type of renewable energy is not dependent on weather conditions and offers high capacity for cooling and heating purposes as well as electricity generation.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Spotlight

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Spotlight

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability for a computer to complete tasks which are usually done by humans, which include learning from (often huge amounts of) available resources and solving (business) problems.

Our Technologies in the Spotlight for August features nine (9) innovative AI technologies that could enhance knowledge on your assets, unlock optimal use of resources and accelerate decision making processes.


10-08-2022 generates high quality leads at competitive cost

Cost per lead of B2B Marketing Channels for Technology Suppliers generates high quality leads at competitive cost


Lead generation—attracting potential customers to your business—is the primary driver for most marketing activities. We use online and offline channels to reach our target market, capture their interest, and convert them into clients.

In this blog, we will examine the cost per lead—average gross spent per lead acquired— of popular B2B lead generation channels and compare them with that of 


8 Shipping Energy Efficiency Technologies in the Spotlight

8 Shipping Energy Efficiency Technologies in the Spotlight not only contains a large number of technologies for sustainable energy production; it also contains a wide range of technologies for sustainable energy consumption. Including technologies for shipping, with some of them deployed by Shell, BP, Saudi Aramco and other major players in the industry. As such, we put together a list featuring eight (8) innovative energy efficiency technologies for the shipping industry


optimising your page

3 tips for optimising your page to get more attention online


The internet is so crowded these days. We hear you, and we can relate. So, let us help each other out on getting more visibility in the busy internet space. Let’s do this by jazzing up your tech or tech expert page on our platform. 

Pages on are indexed by Google and other search engines, making them part of the search results whenever someone looks for something relevant to your technology or expertise on the internet. 

So, how do you then get noticed among hundreds, thousands or millions of search results they get? Check out a few tips that will help!

Webinars for Tech Suppliers

Webinars for Tech Suppliers

Webinars have been the most effective—and for a large part, the only—way to talk to potential customers globally at once in the last two years. While exhibitions and conferences are back and face-to-face meetings are taking place again, there is no doubt webinars are here to stay given its inherent capacity to introduce your technology from your desktop to interested users sitting anywhere else in the world.This is why looks at webinars as another strategic channel to promote innovative solutions on the platform.

Robotics Technologies in the Spotlight

Robotics Technologies in the Spotlight

Robotics has the potential to solve challenging problems in all areas of life and society- from medical care to food supply and energy. If well-designed and well-integrated, robots can help and assist humans to do the “impossible”. But how can robots help your business? 

Given the potential to increase operational efficiency and improve safety, we have created a list featuring eight (8) innovative Robotics technologies.



Robotics and the Energy Transition by Adam Serblowski

Robotics and the Energy Transition by Adam Serblowski

Robotics technology and artificial intelligence (AI), has been a major ingredient in the oil and gas industry’s success in bringing down costs and increasing efficiency in their operations. It has also significantly improved the safety culture in its key processes, especially when maintaining assets in or involving hard-to-reach areas such as storage tanks, offshore platforms, etc. 

Now that the world is looking to transition to renewable energy, will robotics technology have the same key role and great contribution to the efficiency improvements, and consequently cost reduction in this industry?

Making serendipity less serendipitous

"Making serendipity less serendipitous"

A different, more inclusive future awaits exhibitions

By Erik Nijveld, Co-Founder & CEO of

Conferences and exhibitions in major industries have been viewed for years as effective venues to build and reconnect with your network, learn new insights into the industry, and seek potential leads. COVID-19 has prevented or seriously limited the majority of  face-to-face conferences in 2020 and 2021, but they are fortunately coming back as the health risks brought by the global pandemic have been contained and effectively managed. Face-to-face conferences are back, but the entire networking, knowledge-sharing and lead generation landscapes have changed forever.

Building a Robust Offshore Wind Energy Sector

Building a Robust Offshore Wind Energy Sector

Offshore renewable energy—composed of offshore wind and solar and ocean energy technologies—presents huge potential for additional global capacity. With its clear synergies with the [offshore] oil and gas industry, opportunities for technology and skillset transfers are also strong accelerators of its growth. 

We invited Danielle Veldman, Customer Relations Manager of Netherlands Wind Energy Association, to share her insights on key issues surrounding the development of offshore wind energy in the Netherlands and Europe in general.


Solar Energy Technologies in the Spotlight

Solar Energy Technologies in the Spotlight

Solar Energy offers a huge potential in driving the global shift to renewable energy. It has grown widely in recent years as a result of better affordability and reliability of technologies available to harness solar radiation and convert it to electricity or thermal energy. 

Here you will find a list featuring seven (7) innovative technologies, composed of solutions that either directly convert sunlight to energy or allow the effective distribution of the generated  energy. Six (6) of these technologies have been proven in an actual operational environment (TRL 9), and one has been at least demonstrated in an operational environment (TRL 7).


Technology Deployment: How to get it done and maximise outcomes!

Technology Deployment: How to get it done and maximise outcomes!

The Energy Industry has been in the centre of intensifying calls for a more sustainable future, putting pressure to transform the current energy system to rely less on fossil fuels amid a steady increase in energy demand. The industry has also been susceptible to volatile political situations around the world. 

These factors have pushed industry players to continue innovating to reduce carbon footprint, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Time and again, technology has been an enabler for all these to happen. Yet, despite the undeniable role that technology has played, it is also clear that there is significant room to further accelerate the speed of technology deployment.

The good news is: technology deployment can be done… faster and with higher chances of success! 

Renewable energy frontrunners

Renewable Energy Frontrunners 2022

Renewable Energy, which is obtained from renewable sources that are naturally replenished on a human timescale, is central to the global transition to cleaner fuels and to fight the climate crisis. Consequently, private and public sectors all over the world are expressing support and taking the right actions toward more renewable sources for individual and business energy consumers.

With the latest numbers from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), we are continuing to recognise frontrunners in the global Energy Transition feat. Keep reading to explore the latest developments from these five (5) frontrunners!

Tidal Energy Technologies in the Spotlight | April 2022

Tidal Energy Technologies in the Spotlight

Despite the many benefits of using Tidal Energy as a renewable source of energy, the uptake is slow compared to other sources. As such, we would like to encourage its growth and development highlighting Tidal Energy Technologies in this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight. 

Here you will find three technologies that harness energy from movements of tides. All three have technology readiness levels of at least 8, making them readily available for deployment. Check the list and click their photos to direct you to their pages where you will get more information about the technologies and the innovators behind them.

Ocean Renewable Energy by Dr. Mary Ann Franco

Ocean Renewable Energy and the Energy Transition

Ocean renewable energy, which includes tidal energy, wave energy, ocean thermal energy conversion and salinity gradient, offers huge potential to contribute to the Energy Transition. With the vast water resources available to many countries, ocean renewable energy is deemed a natural power source for many countries, especially for their coastal communities.

Given the huge potential of ocean renewable energy technology to contribute to a more sustainable future, we invited Dr Mary Ann Q. Franco, a Research Fellow at the Energy Studies Institute, for an interview.


Energy Storage Technologies in the Spotlight

Energy Storage Technologies in the Spotlight

Given its critical role in the Energy Transition, this month’s spotlight is on Energy Storage Technologies. We have compiled a list featuring eight (8) innovative technologies. There are many technologies available for Energy storage, but they all differ based on these key characteristics: energy density, lifespan, materials used, cost, application, efficiency and safety. Here you will find novel technologies that are in testing phase with key industry players as well as proven ones that have already been deployed in operational environments.

Energy Storage and Its Enabling Role in the Energy Transition

Energy Storage and Its Enabling Role in the Energy Transition

Energy Storage, a system that captures energy at one time and stores it for later use, is seen to be a crucial part of the backbone enabling Energy Transition.To join the global conversation on Energy Storage, we invited Shannon O’Rourke, Chief Executive Officer of Australia-based Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBICRC). Prior to joining FBICRC, Shannon was with Woodside Energy for more than 14 years. He was Head of Commercialisation then General Manager for New Energy at Woodside Energy, where he founded the company’s Hydrogen, Carbon and Carbon Capture and Storage Businesses. Read his insights in this blog.



Tech Insights Navigator: New Matchmaking Tool for Dutch Diplomats

Tech Insights Navigator: New Matchmaking Tool for Dutch Diplomats

It is no secret that, with over a hundred thousand users in 2021 alone, is a gold mine for data on technology and innovation for the Energy Transition. We can generate data that can be translated into actionable insights needed in finding and selecting the right solutions for your business, of course fully compliant with GDPR. And from this month onwards, we are providing these insights to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Embassies and Consulates via the Tech Insights Navigator.