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Sustained Casing Pressure Remediation

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August 4 2023

Resolv offers a novel method for SCP remediation. The Resolv fluid cures to form a compliant solid material, which is energised by a hydrostatic head to create a seal. The compliant nature of the cured material allows the seal to be maintained despite tubular contraction/expansion. The low initial viscosity of Resolv allows it to be applied using industry-available annulus intervention equipment, ensuring correct placement. Curing times can be tailored to suit the specific application. “Breakable” versions are available for cases where removal may be required.


Creates seal in the well annulus to remediate sustained casing pressure
Compliant material can maintain seal despite tubular contraction/expansion
Can be deployed using industry-available annulus intervention tools
Can be supplied in a “breakable” form, allowing for future removal
Requires pressure from above to create pressure-retaining seal


Capabilities Remediates SCP by creating a seal in the annulus.
Deployment Can be deployed using industry-available annulus intervention tools.
Impact Alternative approach to remediating SCP, reducing costs and risks, and potentially allowing shut-in wells to be brought back into production.
Flexibility Curing time can be tailored to suit the application. Can be supplied as “breakable” system, allowing for removal.
Safety Reduces requirement for bleed off operations.

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