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Prosaris OL1

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Ultrasonic Air & Gas Leak Detector

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022 - 13:40

Prosaris has developed the first ultrasonic air and gas leak detector compatible with a smartphone or tablet, the OL1, as well as the Prosaris Leak Management app, to which the OL1 connects. With this combination of hardware and software, our device detects small gas leaks that are inaudible due to their ultrasonic nature, directs the user to the leak by pointing them in the right direction on the screen of the Android device, and allows the user to save the leak record in real time to the user management system for quick analysis and maintenance request.

By utilizing the OL1, customers can locate leaks faster than with current products on the market, with no training required, and no bulky accessories to wear or carry around. This allows them to correct leaks quickly, saving them time and money. The OL1 can be used in industries wherever pressurized, non-hazardous, gases are used. This is primarily composed of the compressed air used in the pneumatic systems present across industrial manufacturing facilities


300 grams of rugged leak detection power in a protective silicone skin casing
The OL1 is small and convenient, the size of a hockey puck, and fits in your pocket. Quickly connects to your Android device.
Intuitive, visual guidance with no new training required.
The OL1 is inexpensive and 90% less than competitive entries
Improve correction - use leak data to prioritize correction and repair, track resolution, and verify correction in the field.
The OL1 quantifies one leak at a time, not multiple leaks at once


Microphone Sensors 24 digital MEMS microphones, 15 kHz to 100 kHz
Acoustic measurement 0 dB to 110 dB, autogain
Battery Rated 3.7Vdc, 1.5Ah, maximum specified charge and discharge temperature 45°C, 8+ hours
Dimensions 22mm x 95mm x 95mm, 300g (0.7 pounds)
Operating Distance 0.3m to 30m (1ft to 100ft)
Field of View 150° ± 5°
General Safety UL61010-1, 3rd Ed. 2019-07-19 CAN/CSA No. 61010-1-12, 3rd Ed. 2019-07-19 IEC 61010-1:2010, 3rd Ed. + AMD1: 2016

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About Prosaris

Prosaris is challenging the status quo of leak detection. The ultrasonic technology used in the Prosaris OL series helps operators track down and manage even the smallest leaks quickly and efficiently. That’s better for your business, the environment, and for the safety of your staff and customers. And that’s good for us all.

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