Pivotree Self-Supporting Hydrocarbon Production System

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Unlocking marginal and stranded fields

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April 22 2024

The Pivotree Technology is a revolutionary floating development concept and system designed for small, remote offshore oil and gas fields in shallow to mid-water depths (50-500m).  

Fields produced using the Pivotree Technology are faster to first production, have vastly lower capital and operating costs, and lower physical impact, when compared to traditional offshore developments. 

The step-change in economics is such that many marginal and even stranded fields can now be produced profitably. Estimates using Rystad Energy data suggest the technology could unlock up to 5 billion barrels of production worldwide. 

The system is self-sustaining and operates independently of adjacent infrastructure providing a solution to fields that lose their host facility to decommissioning. It can also be used to extend the range of brownfields development, by providing a "floating tieback" to replace complex subsea tie-ins, extending the life of declining facilities and deferring decommissioning burden.

The system has been designed to be reusable, allowing multiple project deployments over a 15 year service life. Breakeven analysis suggests operators can achieve a complete repayment of capital (including drilling and decommissioning costs) on a first project of 9MMbbls or more. Subsequent deployments would then breakeven at an estimated 3MMbbls. These estimate assume an average oil price of only USD $50/bbl.

The system consists of 1) a subsea Pivotree Subsea Unit; 2) a Floating Production Storage and Offtake (FPSO) facility; and 3) the connections between the Subsea Unit and the FPSO including flexible production riser with integrated power and communications, and the mooring hawser.

The Pivotree Subsea Unit is the core technological innovation. It replaces traditional fixed platforms and anchors, providing simultaneous well access, injection, flow control, and 360-degree vessel station-keeping. This subsea mooring and production tree eliminates the need for seafloor pipelines, umbilicals, manifolds, and platform modifications. 

The FPSO facility design is based on a Handysize vessel hull with topsides that handle separation, gas treatment, compression, storage, and offloading. The FPSO facility is powered and can disconnect and reconnect throughout the project to transport cargoes to offtake, or can remain on station with shuttle tankers using tandem mooring cargo offloading. Topsides designs can take advantage of the latest developments to manage excess gas and other contaminants, eliminate routine flaring, and reduce CO2 emissions.

Please note; the FPSO facility and connections to the Pivotree Subsea Unit are not included in Pivotree's scope of supply.  Pivotree works in collaboration with customers to finalise the design and procurement of these elements of the system.

This revolutionary technology is soon to be independently certified as field-ready by DNV and is protected by a growing patent portfolio.

Pros & Limitations
Addresses the challenges of economically developing small and/or remote offshore fields beyond the reach of subsea tiebacks, transforming them into profitable ventures.
Reduces the time to first production and all but eliminates the installation step in field development.
Eliminates the need for costly spread anchoring mooring systems and vessel modifications.
No other subsea elements, such as platforms, moorings, flowlines, umbilicals, or manifolds are required.
At the end of the project, decommissioning of the system is limited to removal of the Pivotree Subsea Unit during P&A of the well, leaving nothing behind on the seabed.
Specification Title Specification Description
Marginal or Stranded Field
Unlocks marginal or stranded fields, that are a combination of either being too small and/or too remote to justify a conventional independent production facility or subsea tieback.
Early Production System
The system can be used to produce difficult to appraise reservoirs, generating early production data and cash flows.
Sequential Developments
Agile operators can use the system to produce larger fields in a sequential fashion, with the Pivotree Subsea Unit and Handysized FPSO being redeployed over their service life.
Extending Sunset Assets
Pivotree can be used to extend the life of facilities with declining production that have exhausted nearby subsea tiebacks, by bringing production from fields beyond the reach of economically viable subsea pipeline tiebacks to the host facility.


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Pivotree is a technology company that has developed an innovative floating production system for developing offshore oil and gas fields. The company's technology consists of a subsea production unit that is anchored to the seafloor and connects to a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. Key benefits of Pivotree's system include reducing development costs and deployment times for marginal and stranded offshore fields. The company aims to help clients economically develop small or remote offshore fields that would be uneconomical using traditional subsea infrastructure. Pivotree's patented technology provides a rapidly deployed, cost-effective, and low-impact solution for unlocking the value of offshore assets.

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