Multi-Site Utilities Data Retrieval for ESG reporting

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Nanogrid fills the data gap for all field metering throughout Europe.

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October 31 2023

Nanogrid fills the gap where utility data is difficult to retrieve or not yet available on a digital platform.

Focused on data quality and completeness, we place simple cloud gateways in your assets, connected to our data processing center. 

The result is complete, high-quality, real-time utility data on all your assets throughout Europe, ready to be used and processed for your ESG applications.


Full data quantity and data quality for your Electricity, Gaz, Water, Renewables, and all other utilities data
Portfolio utilities data management for ESG reporting: Grid consumption and full submetering for e.g. Breeam
One partner for all your assets/outlets throughout Europe
Centralised and standardised datasets, ready to be used by any stakeholder, involved in sustainability
Automatic alerts for water leaks, overconsumption, submetering
We only prepare full data-sets. We do not analyse the data or translate these data into roadmaps to Zero-Carbon 2050
CRREM preferred solution provider. GRESB, Operat, Epra, Measurable, Deepki, Quantrefy. Ready to upload your data.


On-site utilities monitoring Edge utilities data retrieval through on-site nanoGrid gateway
Utilities monitoring platform IoT utilities data platform for ESG reporting
Remote control Remote control of techniques to achieve considerable savings

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nanoGrid® specializes in climate-friendly energy management through a global platform for detailed monitoring and optimal control, processing real-time standardized data of all your operations and locations, so that energy consumption, remote control and people’s comfort are managed securely, in line with international directives for sustainability.

Thanks to the nanoGrid technology, you are able to map the energy consumption of different locations so that energy management becomes easy. nanoGrid helps you to become a CO2 neutral company and to comply with global directives for energy management.

nanoGrid combines different specializations in terms of energy management, including installation, monitoring, hardware and software development, engineering, as well as providing advice and reporting.

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