The Lean Machine: True Multi Modular Rigless Solution for Workover and Drilling operations

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Light, Configurable, Modular, Robotic Solution

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November 8 2023

The Lean Machine is a pioneering solution addressing core challenges within the offshore energy sector, with a primary focus on reducing significant cost drivers associated with well decommissioning, notably those influenced by rig-related activities like pipe handling and hoisting. This innovative technology centers around a modular concept, based on a core workover unit, which can dynamically expand or contract its operational capacity by adding or removing task-specific block structures. This approach offers unprecedented versatility, modularity, and adaptability, ushering in a new era of efficiency, safety, and environmental performance.

Key Challenges Addressed:

  1. Inefficient Decommissioning: The Lean Machine is designed to tackle the inefficiencies plaguing the decommissioning of existing infrastructure, currently hindered by outdated supply chain equipment ill-equipped to manage uncertainties cost-effectively.
  2. Operational Costs: In response to soaring operational expenses in offshore activities, the Lean Machine provides an innovative alternative to conventional supply chain options and specialized production-enhancement equipment.
  3. Environmental Impact: With a strong emphasis on reducing environmental footprints and enhancing health and safety standards, the Lean Machine aligns with the evolving energy transition.

Technical and Commercial Objectives:

The Lean Machine aspires to achieve a range of technical, operational, and commercial goals:

  • Efficiency Enhancement: Offering a groundbreaking approach to offshore operations, this technology significantly enhances efficiency through its dual hoisting system, making it adaptable to address uncertain well delivery programs and deployment methods.
  • Environmental Responsibility: The Lean Machine embeds environmental responsibility within its design. Achieving this through reduced weight, a smaller footprint, an energy recovery system, and streamlined processes to minimize waste and environmental impact.
  • Versatility: Its adaptability across various offshore activities positions the Lean Machine as a cost-effective and versatile solution, ideal for a wide range of projects.
  • Cost Reduction: This innovative technology reduces reliance on outdated supply chain options, instead leveraging modular designs to generate substantial cost savings.

Game-Changing Features:

The Lean Machine's signature feature is its adaptable, modular design, in combination with a compact, automated dual hoisting system. It can be tailored to meet specific project requirements, offering solutions ranging from conductor pulling to lightweight and heavy-duty drilling. This adaptability establishes a new industry standard for versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Contributions to Industry Challenges:

In the oil & gas, CCUS, hydrogen, and renewables sectors, the Lean Machine addresses a multitude of challenges. It streamlines decommissioning operations by mobilizing only the necessary equipment for specific tasks, effectively reducing costs and minimizing waste. Its versatility extends to enabling well repurposing for a cost-efficient energy transition, making it suitable for various applications within the energy sector.

Business Case:

The Lean Machine is not only an environmental champion; it's also an economic powerhouse. Its flexible, rapid deployment capability allows access to smaller platforms, often only reachable by Jackups. Competing head-to-head with Jackup capabilities at HWU dayrates, it significantly reduces operational costs. This competitive advantage extends to lower project expenses, environmental benefits, and enhanced health and safety, all contributing to a positive industry image and regulatory compliance.

In summary, the Lean Machine presents a hybrid versatile modular solution that bridges a hydraulic workover unit and a modular drilling system, offering rapid assembly and a compact, lightweight footprint. It excels in pipe handling efficiency, surpassing the hoisting capacities of other systems through its dual hoisting design. This innovation offers effective solutions for a broad spectrum of offshore activities, addressing critical industry challenges while making substantial contributions to cost reduction, improved environmental impact, and health and safety performance. The Lean Machine possesses the potential to be a true game-changer within the offshore energy sector, propelling the industry toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.


Diverse Applications: Seamlessly transition from a wireline mast to conductor pulling unit, or even an lightweight drilling rig to a compact heavy-duty drilling solution keeping the weight to a minimum: 35% lighter
Efficiency Maximization: Experience reduced Non-Productive Time (NPT) by 50% with innovative features like the Dual Hoisting System, Automation and Simultaneous Operation capability while minimizing CO2 emissions
Flexible Fast Deployment: From offshore to onshore assets, our adaptable setups effortlessly navigate changing infrastructure challenges and can be assembled 50% faster to comparable solutions.
First-of-its-Kind Adaptability: Our modular block structure allows customization to match project requirements, setting a new standard in versatility enabling an adaptable rental rate
Hybrid versatile modular solution that bridges a hydraulic workover unit and a modular drilling system, offering rapid assembly and a compact, lightweight footprint while it excels in pipe handling efficiency through its automated dual hoisting system
35% total integrated cost savings and up to 50% CO2 emission reduction in well decommissioning and heavy workover operations


Hook Load: 350sht
Top Drive: 31,000ftlbs @60 RPM
Tripping speed: 900m/hr
Dead weight: 120mt
Footprint 2x 20ft ISO Container
Assembly: 48 hrs
120kNm Iron Roughneck: 2 3/8" - 9 5/8"
Fingerboard: 3000m API Range 3
Lifting weight: Max. 12mt
Transport: 2.5m x 2.7m x 12m
False Rotary: 37.5"

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Voll Marintek, a UK-based engineering firm, is at the forefront of driving technological advancements in the offshore and onshore energy sector. Specializing in cutting-edge solutions for a cost-efficient energy transition, the company is dedicated to implementing circular modular systems that enhance operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability in offshore activities.

As an emerging leader in this field, Voll Marintek is unwavering in its commitment to overcoming the challenges presented by the shift from petroleum to green energy. Their groundbreaking innovation, the Lean Machine, represents a versatile and modular approach, providing efficient solutions across a wide spectrum of offshore operations. The Lean Machine is poised to revolutionize the industry by substantially reducing operational costs and elevating environmental performance.

Voll Marintek's success is founded on its capacity to collaborate with industry experts, forge strategic partnerships, and tap into its wealth of experience. The company offers project management and advanced engineering skills, including digital twins, 3D printing, and process optimization, among others. Their dedication to innovative solutions that benefit the entire value chain makes them an independent and credible pioneer. With a robust network, Voll Marintek is positioned as a promising contributor to the offshore energy sector's transition towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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