Geothermal - Turning Liabilities into Assets

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Repurposing end of life Oil and Gas Wells and Drilling New Closed Loop Geothermal Wells

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April 19 2024

CeraPhiWell™ proprietary patents covers the design and installation of a downhole heat exchanger system utilizing existing technologies in a novel manner. The system has a level of flexibility that allows the recovery of commercially useable heat energy from the sub-surface virtually anywhere around the globe. Additionally, the CeraPhiWell™ can be considered a fallback / insurance option for those wells that fall short of expectations regarding well production. In this type of instance CeraPhiWell™ retrofit architecture can be installed to bring some commercial return instead of having to undertake a costly well abandonment.

Pros & Limitations
Extending Well Life After Production Use
Generates Carbon Offset
Additional Revenue Stream
Reducing Operational Costs
Provides Renewable Energy ESG Value Proposition
In the Early Stages of Implementation and Deployment Onshore
Specification Title Specification Description
Well Design
Advanced Closed Loop System
Tubing Coaxial Design
Heat Exchanger
Software Design
Heat Transfer Modelling Software


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CeraPhi is on a mission to change the way we use energy, using the earths heat from deep wells and end of life oil and gas wells to produce clean baseload energy, building energy security, cleaning up the environment, and helping fossil fuel companies transition to net zero.

CeraPhi Energy has developed a novel solution to reuse end of life oil and gas wells, using its proprietary down hole heat exchanger system we extract existing heat by circulating working fluids through a closed loop system carrying the heat to the surface to turn ORC's to produce 100% clean electricity to produce green hydrogen. The system will extend the life of none productive Oil and Gas wells deferring plug and abandonment liability and transitioning these liabilities into clean energy assets to produce clean green hydrogen.

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