Centurion Subsea Services M.O.L.E. (Mattress Orientation, Lifting & Extraction)

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Safely recover subsea concrete mattresses to deck

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April 20 2024

The Mattress Orientation, Lifting and Extraction (M.O.L.E.) tool has been designed to safely recovery subsea concrete mattresses to deck for decommissioning activities.
Deployed by the vessel crane and guided and monitored by the ROV this tool ensures as much contact with the mattress area as possible to minimise the risk of falling parts if the mattress is not fully intact.

The tool has 32 contact points over the four rakes used.

The arched frame at both sides allows the flexible mattress to be pushed up into the frame as we close the rakes. This compresses the material and secures it for safe recovery.

Each hydraulic Cylinder can be operated independently meaning that if a corner of the mattress needs to be grabbed to pull it into a better position, we have the control and power to do so with each rake capable of pulling 15te.

Hot stab interface optional.

Designed in accordance with DNV guidelines

Pros & Limitations
High safe working load of 20T
Lifting rakes with multiple contact points during lifting operations, ideal for mattresses in challenging configurations
Loads in excess of 20T
Also suitable for removal of concrete blocks from sea bed
Specification Title Specification Description
L5230 x W4388 x H1244


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