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Compact system for CO2 capture

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April 11 2024

ProSep’s patented high efficiency mixers with proven performance are being deployed in post-combustion carbon capture systems. The same dynamics that increase the efficiency of use for chemicals and other additives are being applied to enhance the absorption of CO2 from flue gases and dehydrating the concentrated CO2 stream. ProSep’s compact mixer designs provide increased efficiency of CO2 capture, while reducing the size and cost of the equipment. Relying on the process streams to create the momentum transfer and dispersion of the solvent, ProSep’s mixers create a high surface area for contact and absorption of CO2 molecules. ProSep’s design can be used inline in one or several stages with a low pressure drop.

Pros & Limitations
Reduce size and cost of CO2 capture facilities
Enable CO2 capture offshore and maritime
Enable debottlenecking CO2 capture systems
Flexible installation
Resistant to vessel movement
Suitable for installation offshore and onshore
Early stage concept - TRL 4
Specification Title Specification Description
Removal capacity
ProSep's compact carbon capture system can be designed for wide range of removal capacities starting from 100 kg CO2 per hour
CO2 removal efficiency
The lab scale testing demonstrated 35-45% CO2 removal efficiency for a single stage
Number of stages
ProSep's C3T system can be delivered with several removal stages depending on project requirements - typically 2 or 3 stages systems is suitable for most of applications.
CO2 removal efficiency for 2-stage system
The overall CO2 removal efficiency for 2-stages system is estimated to 75-90%


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ProSep is the industry-leading technology and services provider of choice for integrated process solutions to the global energy industry. ProSep creates customized and efficient solutions for our clients and their operations, worldwide. Utilizing our proprietary product portfolio, we provide innovative solutions for process separation of oil, gas and produced water streams. We do this by drawing on a combination of highly experienced personnel, efficient processes and exceptional conventional and proprietary technologies.

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