Deployment Partners

Technology deployments often require specific technical and non-technical expertise. Through our network of Deployment Partners, we can help to rank relevant technologies and provide resources to get them deployed. Our network ranges from small consultancy firms with deep technical expertise to service companies that can deploy a wide range of technologies as part of their services.

Contact us in case you want to learn more or want to become part of our Deployment Partner network. 

Renewable Energy


"In a recent Sand Management project for an Oil facility, that suffered from sand production, resulting in erosion, blockage, HSE issues, etc., we provided the technical expertise as one of the Tech Expert companies on the platform.  Working with in them selecting the right technologies for the Sand issues and our expertise, was the right combination of providing  solutions that were extremely valuable for the client.  For the client, but also for us this would never have happened if we were not a member of the platform."

Erik Rutgers - Operations Director at Versatec



Health, Safety & Quality

Subsurface & Wells

Digitalisation & Digital Transformation

Maintenance & Integrity

Production Chemistry

Pipelines & Subsea

Storage Tanks

Processing & Utilities


Sustainable Business