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Virtual Reality based training solution to Industries tailor made to specific use cases

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October 3 2023

Virtual Reality based Training Solution: 

We digitize and transform the conventional training process in the Manufacturing & Industrial Sector. We recreate the existing class room based training modules (or) On-the job training process into a artificially simulated immersive 3D environment with our Virtual Reality based training solution. We have our own Smartphone based Virtual Reality Headset "GRAHAs VR" and we tailor make the VR Content as smartphone applications, which can be used in any smartphone irrespective of the make, model and OS type. Our solution is 4 times more faster and focused than classroom based training and E - Learning combined. 


4 times more faster & focused than conventional training
Reduces more than 50% on the existing training cost
Tailor Made Solution - Gives Immense Scope for customizing training content
Smartphone based solution deployable for masses in terms of physical and digital infrastructure, reducing implementation costs too
Virtual Training Environment provides more safer training and immense scope of trial and error
Reduces production down time during training and eliminates consumables and components damage during the process
With the current technology, the users might require a few minutes of gap during the training to avoid any kind of eye strain.


Size Our VR Headset is the smallest in terms of size and weighs just above 250 grams, has a superior field of view of 101 degrees.
Compatibility GRAHA's VR is compatible with any smartphone irrespective of the make, model, OS type.
Usability Our VR Headset can also be used with the Glasses on which avoids the users from experiencing motion sickness even after prolonged usage of the device.
Customized Content Our VR Content is tailor made and customized in accordance with the User's requirements, enabling implementation across varied use cases.
Business Efficiency Our Virtual Reality based training provides a more focused approach and delivers 4 times faster & focused output compared to regular training & E – Learning combined.
Capabilities Our solution can be implemented to any number of users at any point in time, be 10 - 20 (or) 50 - 100 simultaneously.
OPEX Reduces the operational expenditures related to training activities to more than 50% on the current expenses and also reduces any production down time involved during the training process.
Connectivity Works well with low speed and low band-with internet for smooth deployment in remote locations.
Safety Our Virtual Platform helps the users have innumerous practical sessions without any physical interaction with the machinery & tools, ensuring a safety environment for trial and error.

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GRAHA's VR is a brand owned by "Square Comp Solutions" based in Chennai, India. We help the Manufacturing & Industrial Companies reduce their training-related costs to more than 50% on their current expenses by providing them our Virtual Reality based training solution for the up-skilling & re-skilling of their blue-collar workforce.

We deliver customized training solution to Industrial & Manufacturing Companies specific to their use case and requirements. 



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