Swellable O-Rings

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Downhole swellable sealing and zonal isolation solution

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June 17 2024

Swellable O-Rings are a designed solution to provide reliable sealing and isolation for a range of applications. O-Rings help to get wells back on production quickly and successfully by sealing in badly damaged seal bores. Patent protected elastomer technology, designed to deliver extremely reliable zonal isolation barriers across a range of temperature and salinity profiles. Maximum sealing capability ensured through custom design specific to the application requirements. O-Rings deliver the strength and durability to guarantee maximum reliability and cost-effectiveness in the well.

Pros & Limitations
Cost-effective solution
Helps combat leakage
Provides maximum reliability
Easy to install
Custom-made to suit a range of well types
Maintains well integrity
Robust solution for damaged seal bores
Suitable for a variety of operating conditions up to 250ºC
Hybrid swellable compound is currently not available
Specification Title Specification Description
Tendeka’s patented technology (patent No WO2006045794 A1).
Solution delivered by an understanding of specialist fields and materials science.
In-house capability to custom design a range of sealing solutions, from non-standard diameters to unique fluid parameters.
O-rings are easy to install as they slot into the required groove and swell once the fluid has come into contact.
Operating Conditions
Designed, manufactured and rated specifically for each application and within a temperature range between 0-250°C.


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TAQA Well Completions is a global specialist in advanced completions, production solutions and sand management for the oil and gas industry.

From simple to complex well designs, the company has extensive track record in enhancing productivity for clients’ reservoirs offshore and onshore. TAQA Well Completions invests in research and development, bringing to market disruptive technologies and offering solutions targeted to operators’ specific production challenges.

Established in 2009, TAQA Well Completions operates globally: regional hubs in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America

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