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Optimising the industry with process engineering and training support since 1965

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June 28 2024

Sulphur Experts is a leading provider of analytical services, engineering studies, on-site support, and technical training for the oil and gas industry. They have developed proprietary analytical techniques for assessing, troubleshooting, and optimizing amine treating, gas dehydration, and sulfur recovery units. Their on-site field testing uses specialized research-grade equipment to provide accurate data for making informed process decisions. This includes analyzing process fluids, gases, and solids as well as evaluating corrosion, foaming, capacity, efficiency, and other operational parameters.

For engineering studies, Sulphur Experts leverages their extensive field experience to provide services like process simulation, plant design review, capacity evaluation, and project support. Their experts can mobilize quickly to provide on-site startup, shutdown, troubleshooting, optimization, and testing services. Sulphur Experts also develops technical training courses and materials that leverage their decades of experience to upskill plant operators, engineers, and managers. From their analytical capabilities to their engineering expertise, Sulphur Experts aims to improve the safety, reliability, and performance of amine, dehydration, and sulfur recovery units.

Pros & Limitations
Extensive experience and operational feedback with various sulphur recovery and tail gas treating technologies
Ability to provide expert and impartial assessment of technology options
Assist with optimizing operation of existing sulfur recovery units
Conduct simulation studies to enable more reliable operations and prevent issues
Provide tailored in-house training courses specific to a site
All presenters have extensive hands-on experience troubleshooting sulfur recovery units
Recognized globally as premier training provider on sulfur recovery
Dependent on sour gas analyses that may not always be available or accurate
Our Expertise
Expertise Title Expertise Description
Gas Analysis
Proprietary sampling methods, FTIR spectroscopy, Accurate analysis of H2S, SO2, COS, CS2, mercaptans, etc.
Liquid Sulfur Analysis
Proprietary FTIR-based method, Quick and accurate measurement of total H2S
Solid Sulfur Analysis
Evaluate sulfur purity, Measure acidity, H2S content, Determine elemental composition
Process Engineering
Debottlenecking studies, Capacity evaluations, Amine treating conversions


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SGS Sulphur Experts is a company that provides specialized analytical services, engineering solutions, and technical training related to sulfur recovery and gas treating processes in the oil and gas industry. They have expertise in analyzing and troubleshooting sulfur recovery units, amine treating units, and dehydration systems. The company employs experts in process engineering and applied analytical chemistry to optimize unit operations, reduce emissions, and improve safety and reliability. SGS Sulphur Experts has a global presence and has worked on over 5,000 projects worldwide.