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Skelex exoskeleton

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Improving the overall utility and comfort of how humans work

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November 25 2022

The Skelex 360 non-powered exoskeleton for the upper body eases the work where arms are being used intensively.

The Skelex technology offers the user a weightless feeling in the arms, reducing muscle activity and fatigue. It supports the biological movement of joints and transfers the weight to the lower body. The Skelex 360 uses energy from the muscles in the body that are normally not burdened during work.

The Skelex 360 exoskeleton minimizes injuries and fatigue of the shoulders and back. Skelex increases quality and efficiency and ensures that employees can work longer and more pleasantly.

Red Dot Design Award Winner 2019


Flexibility is Key .. Experience unparalleled flexibility to support you in everything you do with the Skelex 360
Comfort is Paramount .. Ergonomic, detachable arm cups, removable harness with one click for washing, no contact on the back to avoid sweating
Feel your Second Skin .. Close to the body to avoid entanglement for safety, as well as an intuitive, seamless experience
Reach New Heights .. Work effortlessly even while reaching very high up, the Skelex 360 supports all arm and torso movements
79% less fatigue
36% less muscle activity during sanding
21% less muscle activity during prolonged lifting of a drill
Only for the upper-body


Application (dis-)assembly, maintenance, welding and grinding work, sanding and polishing, painting and landscaping.
Areas of Application Automotive and aircraft industries, production, maintenance, railways, shipbuilding, construction, defense, steel construction, etc.
Material Carbon frames.
Power Stored energy is the driver for weightless arms.
Sizes Alternative sizes on request.
Weight 2,5 kg

Relative Business Impact

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Skelex

The idea for Skelex was inspired by Gaurav’s fascination with the ‘human aspect’ of technology and engineering from his time at university and being a musician. Skelex thus goes beyond being an exoskeleton buoyed by cutting-edge mechanical technology – it is centred around improving the overall utility and comfort of how humans work in an industrial setting.

Over the last couple of years, more than 200 people have tested the Skelex exoskeleton at various companies in numerous different fields of industry with great success.

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