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Expandable - Wireline Deployed Casing Patch

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June 30 2024

Wireline deployed straddle utilizing our expandable technology allowing for isolation of wellbore issues whilst providing a maximized post installation ID. The optimised post expansion ID enables continued wellbore access, future intervention, optimizes production rates & maximizes well lifecycle. 


Key Features

  • Shoeless design (no drill out of shoe required post install)
  • High expansion capabilities
  • Stackable design with metal to metal sealing, allowing multiple patches to be stacked
  • Recessed seals whilst RIH to optimize RIH OD
  • Available in carbon steel or CRA materials and with gas tight sealing capabilities
  • Deployable on E-line & Coil tubing
  • Expandable technology allows for far larger post installation ID's than conventional methods

Common Applications

  • Isolation of tubular leaks
  • Isolation of unwanted water, gas & sand ingress
  • Corrosion isolation
  • SSSV remediation
  • Isolation of leaking/compromised completions components
Pros & Limitations
One-trip system, with no shoe drill out required
Larger post installation ID than conventional straddle systems
Stackable with metal to metal seals to create longer straddles to suit specific applications
Available in standard carbon steel or application specific CRA materials
Configurable with smart completion products such as AICDs to provide comprehensive workover solutions
When deploying on E-Line, only one straddle joint can be deployed per trip (~40ft). If patching a long section, multiple trips would be required with this system to stack straddles
Specification Title Specification Description
Up to ~40ft deployable in one trip
For longer sections, patches can be deployed consecutively and stacked to create a longer patch with metal to metal seals
Deployment Method
E-Line or Coil


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