ReLine MNS

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Cased hole liner system

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June 30 2024

ReLine MNS provides a single trip solution with no shoe milling to clad and seal various wellbore integrity concerns with minimal loss of inner diameter (ID), whilst providing high burst and collapse ratings.


Key Features

  • Single trip, shoeless system

  • High burst & collapse ratings

  • Long length isolation can be achieved, several 9,000+ ft installations achieved to date

  • Range of sealing technology from Elastomer (including High Temp for Geothermal applications) to Metal to Metal

Pros & Limitations
Modular design enables application specific placement of sealing elements and extended lengths of liner to be run. Runs of over 9,000ft completed to date.
System activates without the need to drop balls or darts down the ID of the work string - saving rig time
Negates the requirement for a second trip as no shoe drill out is required after expansion
Minimized running OD means system can be deployed through ID restrictions such as frac sleeves, safety valves, landing nipples etc
For applications requiring isolation for fracturing, the ReLine MNS is deployed with higher performing materials and a unique frac sealing system
Currently available in size range from 4 1/2" to 9 5/8" base casing
Specification Title Specification Description
Multiple hydraulic cylinders capable of exerting high force for pipe expansion ratio of greater than 25% with a high safety margin.
Can cover long or short intervals from 30ft – 9,000+ ft.
Can be configured to expand and seal across various ID restrictions in the wellbore such as nipples, frac sleeves, safety valves or varying casing weights.


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