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Redgrasp Microlearning

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The fun and simple way to learn about safety regulations

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November 25 2022

Safety regulations are important but boring. Redgrasp helps companies keep their personnel informed about safety. But we don't harrass them with lengthy e-learning modules! Employees are engaged with a fun and simple quiz game, one quiz question at a time. That way, they learn about safety effortlessly.


You engage people instead of harrassing them with e-learning
You get crystal clear insight in any knowledge gaps
You have complete control over the learning content
Employees participate voluntarily because it's fun
We help you every step of the way towards a successful implementation
We need to handle the personal data of your employees. We do take all necessary precautions to keep these data safe.


Training Keep your personnel effortlessly informed about safety regulations.
Culture Create and maintain an excellent safety culture by engaging everyone with a continuous quiz game.
Impact Achieve a 90% (voluntary!) participation rate among your personnel.
Services Absolutely white-glove service on implementation and support.
Privacy & Security ISO27001 compliant.

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About Redgrasp

Redgrasp is the microlearning platform that helps keep your employees effortlessly up to date about safety regulations.

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