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Asset Information Management Software

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November 25 2022

Plant4D is an asset information management software to visualize, integrate, and synchronize all asset information into one digital environment. This digital environment includes but is not limited to, 2D diagrams such as P&IDs and schematics, 3D models, and supporting documents and certificates.

Plant4D can also be integrated with other software systems which contain asset-related information such as, EAM, CMMS, or DMS systems. Everyone company-wide will work with the latest and common view of asset information as Plant4D holds one source of truth, accessible at any place and any time.

Working this way ensures that all information is up-to-date, validated, and accessible for everyone. There will be no lag or information gap between departments, which increases collaboration, productivity, control, and transparency throughout the entire asset life cycle.



One source of truth regarding all asset information
Provide insights in the life cycle, status and location of assets
Plan maintenance, safety and operational activities more precisely
Manage safety, productivity, quality and availability
Save valuable time validating your as-built
Maximize collaboration and data enrichment
Create an overview of all asset activities over time
Requires import of asset data into the software


Cloud Access Access, update and maintain your asset data in the office or in the field.
Visualisation Visual representation of your asset data as 2D diagrams and 3D models.
Areas of Application Process and Piping Design | Electrical and Instrumentation Design
Capabilities Asset Data Management | Asset Data Integration | CAD Content Management
API Exchange asset data with other data sources like EAM, CMMS or DMS systems.
Add-ons Specific add-ons to work with your asset data and maximize its value.

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About CEA Systems

We are an international software company, with over 30 years of experience in developing software for the process industry and industrial engineering.

Combining our  innovative mindset, our love for data and our knowledge of the process industry in developing an asset data-centric software solution to manage your technical asset data: Plant4D.

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