Non-intrusive pressure and corrosion monitoring device

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Monitors corrosion non-intrusively over large areas.

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May 27 2024

The proposed non-intrusive corrosion monitoring technology uses Force Sensitive Sensors (FSS) externally mounted in contact with the surface of a pipeline. FSS detect pipe expansions due to changes in internal pressure. The measured force due to the pipe's radial deflection is proportional to the pipe's remaining wall thickness. As corrosion occurs and wall thickness decreases, the measured force increases. The wall thickness is determined by comparing the pressure change to average readings from other sensors. The technology allows for continual data collection from large surface areas without costly inspection. It combines monitoring of representative areas like manual inspection with uninterrupted monitoring. A prototype has been developed and proof of concept testing completed. Theoretical concept validation by Glasgow Caledonian University confirmed the capability to detect internal pressure and changes in wall thickness. The technology is currently at Technology Readiness Level 4 with a patent application submitted.

Pros & Limitations
Safety - does not require dangerous physical inspection
Low power consumption and passive sensors
Monitors large surface areas
Continual data collection without human intervention
Detects corrosion by monitoring pipe wall thickness changes
Can be externally mounted on existing pipelines
Specification Title Specification Description
Sensing Technology
Force Sensitive Sensors (FSS)
Power Consumption
Externally mounted in contact with pipe surface
Pipe radial deflection proportional to remaining wall thickness
Sensor Size
Small, allows representative thickness measurement per area
Data Collection
Continual data collection from large surface areas without human intervention
Development Status
Prototype developed and proof of concept testing completed (TRL 4)


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