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Hydraulic Pipe Severance Tool

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June 30 2024

The HyPR™ HoleSaver is the world’s first hydraulic pipe recovery system providing a quick, safe & low cost means of recovering from stuck pipe situations whilst maximising hole recovery.

Unlike conventional methods, the HyPR HoleSaver is a pre-placed sub or subs within the BHA. The device can be turned into severance points by simply deploying the HyPR Smart Dart.


With no moving parts, the full strength HyPR Sub lies dormant in the string. When activated with the HyPR Smart Dart, the flow of ordinary mud is redirected, creating a high velocity radial jet of fluid to erode and cut the sub in just a few hours.

When compared to traditional methods the HyPR™ can reduce the time of recovery from weeks to several hours

Pros & Limitations
Maximises hole recovery & reduces operational time on stuck pipe recovery
Eliminates the need for mobilisation of specialist equipment and personnel
Fishing or cementing operations can be restarted almost immediately
No moving parts, and no introduction of a weak point to the string
Specification Title Specification Description
NC38, NC50, 6-5/8" Reg
Multiple ID options available to suit operators string requirements
Dart Box
Contains cementing and fishing darts to allow flexibility
No offshore personnel required - run by rig crew


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