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Hydrogen Electrolyzer Packages

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Turnkey solutions to generate hydrogen from renewable power and water

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November 25 2022

Frames Renewables designs, builds and supplies plug and play systems for producing green hydrogen. With decades of experience with system integration, gas treatment and electrolyzers under our belt, we provide a fitting solution and the lowest total cost of ownership for each use case. Either from our lineup of smart standard packages, or with a bespoke solution. From kW's of power input, to MW's. We back this up with our global service team and expertise in service and maintenance.


All required know-how in-house on water pre-treatment, electrolysis, hydrogen post-treatment, system integration, (remote) unit monitoring and control, and if required compression and dispensing
Fully modular and plug and play
From kW scale to MW's scale
Compact and efficient Proton-Exchange Membrane electrolysis technology
Skilled and experienced service team with global reach
Alkaline electrolysis is currently more cost-effective at large production scales. We offer hydrogen post-treatment for large-scale Alkaline based electrolysis.
Complete integrated plants are currently offered up to 25MW. For higher production capacities we offer hydrogen post-treatment packages.


Sizes Single 20ft container (size), 40ft container or several skids/containers.
Power From 25 kW to 25 MW.
Areas of Application Wind, Solar, any renewable power source.
Digitalisation Remote monitoring and control possible, we apply the latest trends in digitalisation.
Compliance Compliance to any EU, national or industry standard required.

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About Frames Renewables

Frames Renewables assists its clients to reduce CO2 footprint, turn waste into value or switch to sustainable energy sources. We have a broad portfolio of Hydrogen generation, storage and fuelling, Biogas upgrading and Carbon Capture solutions. With 35 years of experience as a modular system integrator, we deliver smart, reliable and state of the art systems. Our services are performed by engineers with years of experience in the energy industry.

+31 172 461600
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