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Freshwater and electricity with one windmill

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April 11 2024

Wind-driven water desalination technology can be used for seawater, produced water, or brackish groundwater desalination. Hydraulic wind turbine with high conversion efficiency provides pressure for water desalination, and excess energy can be used for pumping the water, or for electricity generation.

To be implemented in:

  • Construction camps
  • Remote areas that require fresh water
  • Produced water desalination at the well site (fracking, unconventionals)
  • Community support (social performance)
Pros & Limitations
Redundancy (in case there’s insufficient wind, power is provided by the generator)
Equipment sale or WaaS (water as a service) type performance contracts are possible
RO units are off-the-shelf (TRL 10)
High impact factor
System design does not yet have operational experience (TRL 6)
Pre-treatment requirements depend on project
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Locations with sufficient wind sources (islands, coastal areas, etc.).
Total CAPEX (including installation) ranges from €250k to €1M, this excludes required local infrastructure.
Control of Process flow
Remote monitoring of patented process control.
Decentralized renewable fresh water and energy production.
Relatively straight forward as the majority of the weight is located on ground level.
Low maintenance because the gearbox is removed.
Modular design
The product is available in various sizes and multiple RO units can be connected.
OPEX typically around €1 /m3.
Product is a wind-driven decentralized water desalination system, with a containerized footprint. No external power supply needed.
Reverse Osmosis units with capacity from 100m3/d up to 800m3/d.

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Solteq Energy BV is a German-Dutch company founded in 2014. Its mission is to provide fresh water and renewable energy at the point of use to remote communities that are disconnected to the central electricity and water grid.

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