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Understanding your market and reaching your emissions goals

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October 31 2023

With the launch in early 2021 of Greenpact rigs, Esgian is now unique in being able to provide future emissions modelling for the global rig fleet.

Provides pathways to green for operators, contractors and financial institutions

Enables accurate comparison of future emissions across operators and contractors

Facilitates analysis of future emissions by country, region or jurisdiction.


Tracking, planning, benchmarking and what-if scenarios
Pathways to green – offset scenarios
Enable selection of assets best suited to achieving both financial and environmental aims.
Enable accurate reporting to shareholders and investors about emissions.
Provide information that enables specific, measurable emissions reduction initiatives.
Only covers Offshore Rigs, not land rigs


Modelled emissions Greenpact Rigs provides reliable and accurate modelling of past and future emissions from offshore drilling rigs.
Dashboard Quick snapshot of emissions over last 24 hours, 30 days and 12 months
Emission Analytics Slide and dice emission data by operator, contractor, region, country etc
Contract Emissions Model future emissions for specific programmes

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Future oriented business leaders and professionals looking to make a difference trust Esgian to deliver objective analysis and insight into future emissions and climate policy.
Our proprietary technology and expertise give us a unique advantage in highlighting opportunities for the ocean industries.

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