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We provide engineering & consultancy services to the oil & gas industry. We specialise in the field of 2- and 3-phase separation, produced water treatment and sand separation & handling. We focus on debottlenecking, rejuvenating and upgrading existing oil & gas facilities. As part of this work, we frequently use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to visualise gas and liquid flow distributions. This helps us deliver engineering ingenuity at its best.

We do hold valid BOSIET and HUET and Dutch VOL-VCA certifications and travel to site on occasion and as required/requested.

Besides this, we do not shy away from supporting engineering companies, EPC contractors and end users with general process and mechanical engineering work. For this purpose, we have acquired a few specific software licenses and regularly we are embedded with Client’s team in their offices or on site.

Pros & Limitations
The technologies will always be selected and designed in such a way to maximise the gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation performance.
The engineered parts will pass through an 18" man way.
The installation of the engineered parts does not require welding to the vessel's shell.
It requires a shutdown to implement the modifications / install the components.
Our Expertise
Expertise Title Expertise Description
Brownfield debottlenecking
We possess more than 20 years of experience in brownfield debottlenecking, rejuvenating and upgrading of oil & gas facilities.
Separation equipment
We specialise in retrofitting 2- and 3-phase separators, produced water treatment and sand separation and handling systems.
We provide engineering solutions such that the components will fit within the physical constraints of Client's facility and/or equipment.
We use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for visualising gas and liquid flow distributions.
Specialised software
We use a variety of specialised mechanical and process engineering software for the activities we undertake.


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In the time where separation technology companies have become absorbed by major service providers through the various mergers and acquisitions that took place over the last decade, we take pride in being a small enterprise.

Being small has its advantages, as we can go where big companies cannot. As such, we take our place in the market between them.

We are flexible to scope of work, timing, pricing and terms & conditions. But certainly not at all cost.

We build on our experience and actively seek cooperation with industry partners and end users to make upstream oil & gas processing more efficient, less polluting and less contributing to global warming than what it is today.

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