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Web-based data capture tool to manage safety and reliability

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November 25 2022

eLogbook is a web-based data capture tool that supports the management of safety and reliability data across an asset using a variety of software modules including shift handovers, critical equipment management, operational risk assessment, locked valve management, joint/flange integrity, operational risk assessments, asbestos handling, change management and other critical registers.


Being web based and open for collaboration, eLogbook enables data to be captured and shared amongst teams to enable key decision making
Functionality rich user interface and graphical dashboards
Integration with other Asset and Operational solutions for data sharing via an open API
Configurable reporting for target KPIs
Integrated security and data governance assurance
Data collection has to be precise and accurate to benefit from all the features of eLogbook


Digitalisation As a web based solution with accompanying mobile application, eLogbook supports digital worker initiatives.
Safety A feature of eLogbook is to support safety decisions via the collection of key data points across a variety of business processes.
Asset Management eLogbook integrates with asset management systems to enhance the data to facilitate functionality rich interfaces for decision making.
Compliance Each module within eLogbook is built with compliance to HSE standards and cyber security in mind.
Collaboration Collaboration is a core feature across all eLogbook modules to enable multiple users from multiple companies to interact and share respective information and data as required.

Relative Business Impact

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About Elisian

Elisian has been providing software to support operational asset activities since 2006 for onshore and offshore assets in the energy sector with a presence across the UK and Australia via the eLogbook product.  As a SaaS solution, eLogbook benefits from a community driven product development roadmap that is delivered to all customers via periodical releases that allow the end users to realise process improvements and innovation.

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