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E1000 & Atlas systems

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Ampelmann’s fully motion compensated cargo solutions

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Friday, October 29, 2021 - 12:46

High sea states, unpredictable weather and the sheer weight of cargo loads can pose serious challenges to operators in the Oil & Gas industry. Ampelmann’s offshore cargo solutions are fully motion compensated and designed to move small (100 kg, 400 kg) and large (up to 1 ton) loads, as well as stabilise cargo up to 65 ton.

The Ampelmann E1000 system can lift cargo loads of up to 1 ton in sea states as high as 4.5 m Hs. The switch between people and cargo transfer mode takes less than 1 minute.

The Atlas system, Ampelmann’s fully motion compensated lifting platform, enables transfers of delicate assets such as lifeboats and makes lifting and hoisting at sea safe, easy and efficient. 


Active motion compensation
Heavy lifting
Stabilising heavy loads (e.g. lifeboats)
Cargo add-ons (e.g. KIB baskets)
Switch between people & cargo transfer mode in 1 min., which makes the total operation faster
Fast mobilisation
24/7 service
Not fully integrated in vessel's design concept


Areas of Application Oil & Gas, Wind, Decommissioning (incl. Well services) and Crew Change.
Capabilities Active motion compensation, stepless approach, moving and stabilising heavy cargo, switch between people & cargo transfer mode in 1 min.
Cargo handling E1000 system: ability to transfer cargo up to 1000 kg | Atlas system: ability to stabilise cargo up to 65t | Other cargo handling: add-ons, electric trolleys
Certifications / licences System: Lloyd's certified | Sea fastening: DNV approved
Implementation time No modifications to landing location needed | "Plug and play" with mobilisation within 24 hours
Motion compensation Six degrees of freedom and fully motion compensated.
Time on tools Fast transfer time increases productivity.
Versatility Ability to transfer fluids, people and cargo.
Workability Safe transfers up to 4.5m Hs.
Working at height Flexible landing heights and pedestals available as an add-on.

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About Ampelmann

Ampelmann is the industry leader in providing global offshore solutions and services for safe personnel and cargo transfers. Over the years, Ampelmann has changed the world of offshore access in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability.

With a track record of > 4 millions of people transfers, > 8 millions kg of cargo transfers, and more than 290 projects, Ampelmann is present in every major oil, gas and offshore wind market, including Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East. 

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