Clean, Reliable and Predictable Power Generation from Tidal Currents

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Predictable and balanced renewable energy from tides and rivers

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April 11 2024

Renewables have grown rapidly in recent years, but in many cases intermittency of supply remains an issue. Tidal energy offers a solution to this by providing a dependable power source that can support and enhance existing green energy solutions. Tocardo turbine technology makes use of the tides and river streams to propel blades and offer customers local, predictable and balanced power generation. With a worldwide market potential being 500 GW, tidal power holds a huge environmental and economic potential. Tocardo is acknowledged as one of the 1.000 efficient solutions by the Solar Impulse foundation.

Pros & Limitations
No Not-In-My-Backyard concerns due to no visual impact on landscape
Predictable power generation
Minimum impact on sea life
Fixed pitch or bi-directional; smart reverse rotor system
Tidal energy = variable baseload
No base load without storage
Specific local characteristics for successful tidal power (micro)plant
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of application
We offer a product suitable for deployment in remote areas where tidal energy responds to climate issues.
Certifications / licenses
Independent certification body DNV GL has awarded Tocardo’s innovative bi-directional open rotor T-2 energy converter with a Statement of Feasibility in December 2016.
We provide to our clients: An output monitoring portal | Our own software system for control | Data Logging | Monitoring and servicing | Complete Park Control | Grid Interfacing.
The reliability and predictability of tidal stream power generation is a major advantage over other forms of renewable power production and is easy to integrate in the energy system.
Nowadays the company owns 20 patents worldwide.
Power production driven by the moon; the clean energy that tidal stream and tidal range can harness is 100% predictable, years in advance.
Robust design; passive pitch mechanism without hydraulic or electric support direct drive, no gearbox, permanent magnets resulting in low maintance cost.
Scalable design up to 0.5 MW per individual turbine which can be installed in larger numbers enabling projects from community up to utility scale.
The turbines make use of the tidal and river streams to propel the blades.


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Tocardo, as a part of the tripartite cooperation with QED Naval and HydroWing, offers power generating solutions. Tocardo is the independent tidal turbine developer with a focus on bringing down the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of tidal turbines, de-risking the design (RAMS/FMEA) and increasing the power output at the same time (LCOE). We deliver medium size turbines up to 0.5 MW which can be installed in larger numbers enabling projects from community up to utility scale.

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