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Industrial AI Driving Asset Uptime Reliability and Operational Efficiency

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Thursday, August 12, 2021 - 13:51

Delivering actionable insights through AI powered digital solutions across the Oil & Gas value chain. Cerebra, AI-platform, is rigorously field tested and scaled across enterprises globally.

Cerebra drives actions on the field through use case specific “Digital Assistant” which combines sensor intelligence, video intelligence and edge intelligence.

Cerebra integrates physics, heuristics, and machine learning to drive business outcomes such as reduced production deferment, number of field visits, maintenance costs, time for RCA, number of safety incidents and enhanced uptime.

Cerebra has been deployed across 3 different levels of use-cases:

  • Equipment Level: Equipment Health, Equipment Failure Prediction, Well Surveillance, PPE Non-compliance, etc
  • Process Unit Level: Setpoint Recommendation, RVP Prediction, Automated RCA, etc
  • System Level: Gathering System Optimization, Manufacturing Quality Optimization, etc


Ranked #1 in Gartner’s Voice of the Customer report by customers
Engineer centric as it integrates physics, heuristics and machine learning approaches
No code/low code self service configuration tools for rapid deployment (<90 days)
Industrialization – easily scalable equipment, process and system digital twin
Self-learning based explainable models to drive engineering actions and quicker adoption
Shorter response times of <1 sec for 31 million data points
Greater than 99.8% service uptime
Capability for on-premises, cloud & edge deployment
Needs digital data captured from machine & process


Areas of Application Across asset and process intensive industries. Taps underserved challenges of asset-, process- and system-level use cases.
Asset Management Predictive asset and equipment maintenance alerts any impending downtime in advance, helping to extend asset lifetime.
Integration Easily integrates with ingest data sources - SCADA, historian, PLC, ERP, MES, and more. Crunches structured and unstructured data.
Monitoring Video analytics has simplified remote monitoring by revolutionizing the areas of risk mitigation, monitoring, security and operational efficiency.
Condition Based Maintenance Any deviation from the normal operations or equipment health alerts the operators for a timely intervention.
Platform Vertical specific digital assistants that can be deployed as on-prem, cloud (public or private) and edge devices.
Prediction Accuracy of up to 97%, with the availability of historical data. Advanced AI & ML models aid in choosing accurate predictive model across multiple applications.
Machine Learning Machine learning algorithms based on Supervised, Unsupervised, Deep Learning, Hybrid AI and First Principles.
Digitalisation Surgical digital assistants like Digital Process and Asset Twin, Pulse, Diagnostics, Prognostics, and more for driving specific business outcomes.
Simulation Tools Comprises of simulation tools intended at identifying right equipment or parametric changes to virtually achieve the desired output.

Relative Business Impact

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About Flutura

Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics, an Industrial AI company tuned for IIoT focuses on core business objectives of "Asset Uptime" and "Operational Efficiency" with Cerebra.

Flutura provides suite of product technologies for Oil & Gas, Process Manufacturing, and Heavy Machinery industries.

  1. Cerebra Digital Assistants has diagnostics & prognostics modules for processes and assets.
  2. Cerebra Vision Intelligence, based on video analytics, has modules for quality inspection, safety violations, and other event detections.
  3. Engineer’s WorkBench equips industrial engineers with Operational and Engineering insights using data science without having to code.

Cerebra is ranked #1 in Gartner Peer Insights Voice of Customer (4.8/5)

+1 832 804 9139
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