Cavitation Hammer System

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April 11 2024

Unique, low-cost greentech that exploits cavitation in water to treat large volumes of crude oil-contaminated sludge and recovering 99% of oil for recycling. Unlike thermal treatment processes, it does not generate any emissions and only water is used, no chemicals or solvents. Energy consumption is low, typically less than 5% of thermal treatment. Mobile and compact, approx. 10% size of thermal plant for the same throughput.

Pros & Limitations
In comparison to thermal treatments, just one of our greentech machines saves every hour, the equivalent emissions generated by an airline flight from London to New York
System can treat sludge with any level of crude oil contamination and any level of moisture content
99% of the crude oil in the sludge is recovered for recycling and unlike thermal treatment is not chemically altered by the process
Process water is recycled within the system and can use freshwater, seawater, produced water, brackish water or sewage treatment plant water
Excluding values for recovered oil, process is cheaper than thermal treatment
The process does no use any chemicals or solvents
The system is compact - around 10% of thermal plant size for same throughput
Unsuitable for treating complex oil formulations in drilling muds
Sludges with high clay content can slow system throughput
Specification Title Specification Description
Reduces TPH in sludge solids to <10,000ppm.
Can reduce overall production emissions by up to 10%.
Business Efficiency
Can improve oil production yields by circa 1% by recovering oil otherwise discarded as waste.
Mobile unit, can be deployed close to waste.
Throughput of up to 50 tonnes per hour in a single machine.


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The maritime and oil industries discard 1% of oil as waste generating 120 million tonnes of sludge every year. There is currently no viable way to treat these and they are either incinerated or dumped with massive environmental impact on our oceans, land, and air. Envorem has developed a fast, clean way to treat sludge exploiting cavitation in water. We were paid to deploy a large-scale demonstration system to the state oil company of Oman, successfully cleaning their sludge and recovering 99% of the oil.

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