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Become an industry leader in supply chain planning

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November 25 2022

BOLT is an industry leading multi-commodity blending and logistics optimisation tool, powered by state-of-the-art industrial mathematics. BOLT generates optimal plans covering all aspects of the supply chain from short term operations to long term strategic planning. It is powerful and flexible enough to easily optimise single source and multi-sourced supply chains with shared resources.

Integrating BOLT into our customer’s supply chain planning teams has increased efficiency, repeatability and stability without any additional capital upgrades. In all deployments, customers have seen an improved profit of 5 to 10% over their current planning process, saving tens of millions of dollars.


Increase system wide visibility and discover new supply chain opportunities
Generate scenarios and solve complex problems within minutes
Automate your manual processes and eliminate human error
Handle large volumes of data and changes in the system with ease
Get setup within weeks and immediately see value
Requires high quality input data


Areas of Application Mining | Agriculture | Logistics | Aviation | Energy | Manufacturing | Oil & Gas | Rail | Shipping | Telecom | Utilities
Capabilities Sourcing Operations | Logistic Scheduling | Stockpiling | Blending | Refining & Processing | Port Operations | Vessel Nominations & Demurrage | Marketing for Uncommitted Material
Frequency Operational (Shiftly / Daily) | Tactical (Weekly) | Strategic (Monthly / Yearly)
Implementation time 2+ months
Required hardware Modern day internet browser | Internet connection

Relative Business Impact

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Technology Readiness Level


Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Polymathian

We are a passionate team of innovators, software engineers and mathematicians helping the industry make better decisions with mathematics and technology.

From planning the operations of the largest mines in the world to scheduling sporting competitions, Polymathian has successfully helped businesses transform into industry leaders.

With 20+ years of experience, 60+ customers and 30+ staff.

We are world leaders in the application of numerical optimisation, simulation, machine learning and statistical analysis to complex problems faced by the industry. No problem is too complex.

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