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What is

People often struggle with the overwhelming choice and have no idea how and if the technology would work for their business. We make finding technology in the energy industry as easy as finding a restaurant and provide access to all required support to get the technology deployed! was founded in 2018. The platform was developed based on the first-hand experience that it is often difficult for decision-makers to stay up to date on available technology-driven improvement opportunities for their business. Similar to how we use, e.g. TripAdvisor or Booking in our daily life to find out about hotels, helps operators and experts to find the right technology for their business and get deployment done. The platform helps technology providers to create more visibility for their technologies, this way increasing the chances that the technologies get used.


What is the idea behind the UK Energy Technology Platform?

The challenge many UK operators and technology end-users face is that there are thousands of technologies on the market, but it can feel impossible to quickly find what is available, establish the potential value it could add to your operations, identify it’s Pro’s & Cons, specifications, as well as, any relevant track record and then compare it to other options.

Recognising this, Aberdeen Headquartered Technology Deployment Service Company Carjon-NRG has partnered with to create the UK Energy Technology Platform. The Goal of the new UK Energy Technology platform is to connect technologies to Operators, developers and end-users in the UK Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy sectors. The online platform is fully aligned with the Oil & Gas Authority, MER-UK & Net-Zero strategy as set out by the Technology Leadership Board, as well as, Oil & Gas UK Led Energy Transition Roadmap 2035. As such, it supports the industry with the drive to make the most of existing assets whilst reducing CO2 emissions. It also support the UK economy through the export of UK technologies and expertise, as well as, assists innovators to connect with operators and deploy their technologies rapidly.


How does the UK Energy Technology Platform work?

When a user visits the UK Energy Technology platform, users will be able to select relevant categories in the energy sector quickly. The filter functionality is similar to what you would find on sites such as and Tripadvisor, where you can tick the boxes such that the relevant subset of available technologies is shown. Essentially how it works: The moment a user clicks on one of the categories, he/she will get an overview of the technologies in the oil and energy sector. 

Technology Track record and reviews can be accessed by creating a “User” account.

How does this platform help support operators, developers and end-users in the UK Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy sectors?

The platform helps to quickly get an overview of available technologies, underpinned by deployment references and reviews. Suppliers can promote their technologies on for free, and individual users can access the content for free. In addition, they can also commission relevant services to support the uptake of technology. To learn more about these services visit,

Will the UK platform focus on novel innovations, proven technologies, or both?

Both. Most companies in the Energy industry want to be a (fast) follower, and they are therefore most interested in technologies successfully used by others. However, our experience also is that the moment value is delivered through the deployment of proven technologies, end-users are open to hearing about novel solutions. The proven technologies can, therefore, help to pave the path for novel solutions.