FAQ for Suppliers on UKETP

I am a UK Technology supplier listed on TechnologyCatalogue.com, do I need to register my technology also on the UK Energy Technology Platform?

No, there is no need. The UK Energy Technology Platform is part of the overall TechnologyCatalogue.com structure. All Technologies listed on TechnologyCatalogue.com are also included on the platform. And even the other way around: by having your technology on the UKET platform, it will also be included on TechnologyCatalogue.com, as well as, other platforms as part of the overall TechnologyCatalogue.com structure (if applicable).


I am not a UK supplier can I list my technology on the UK platform?

Yes, it is possible to add your technology on the UK Energy Technology Platform. However, it must be fully aligned with the Oil & Gas Authority, MER-UK & Net-Zero strategy as set out by the Technology Leadership Board, as well as, Oil & Gas UK Led Energy Transition Roadmap 2035. It must also fit one of the ten domains listed on the UK Energy Technology Platform.


How can I list my technology on the UK Energy Technology Platform?

Adding your technology is simple and FREE. Go to our Pricing Page click on ‘add your technology’ (top right corner), and follow these steps:

  1. Select your preferred options
  2. Complete your personal and company details
  3. Invite reviewers & experience the benefits
  4. We'll draft your page
  5. Invite reviewers & experience the benefits

What extra services does the platform offer to technology suppliers?

Next to your FREE page, uk.energytechnologyplatform.com offers paid services to help you position your technologies for success and build meaningful relationships between key players in the onshore and offshore pipeline construction industry.  To learn more, please see pricing page on uk.energytechnologyplatform.com.

What is the UK Energy Technology Platform doing to reach end-users?

There are various aspects. We actively promote UK Energy Technology Platform, and the user base is steadily growing, see an overview of end-users here. Whenever we support end-users with consultancy, we use the platform to address challenges & opportunities. We also organise webinars, something greatly valued by users. Furthermore, we actively support suppliers to convert leads into sales, by applying our Tech Positioning Programme methodology, and by connecting suppliers to potential customers. Contact us to discuss which subscription best fits your needs.


We already invested in a good company website and active social media campaigns? How will this site be reaching other potential clients?

UK Energy Technology Platform is not a replacement for your own website or for your own marketing & sales activities. However, it can improve effectiveness. In the end, it is far more powerful if an independent site highlights your product, supplemented by deployment references and external reviews.

Also: end-users struggle to see what’s all available, and Google doesn’t help. Do they know about your site? A central place helps. Sites that we are used to in our own life – such as Booking.com and TripAdvisor – work on the same basis!

The platform can also help to reduce the cost of having your own booths at exhibitions. Of course, some exhibitions continue to be important, but a problem is that there are so many. Online presence at TechnologyCatalogue.com can replace presence at some of the exhibitions, this way saving time and money.


I’m concerned about negative reviews. Is that concern valid?

Reviews cannot be made anonymously; only registered users can write reviews.

Therefore we control the registration process, only allowing credible people on UK Energy Technology Platform. By only having non-anonymous reviews, we also avoid that people start to post negative comments about competitors.

Also good to emphasize: Recognised experts simply don’t put their credibility on the line!

They’re not going to say something nice about technology if they don’t mean it. Every user knows that, hence reviews help to get the message about your technology out there.

The moment a review comes in, it never goes live immediately. Suppliers always have a chance to see it first. If the review is considered to be unfair, it will not be published. In case of doubt, we ask an independent expert for review.

In addition, companies always have the chance to respond to reviews, with the response published on our site. This way suppliers can e.g. respond to perceived downsides of the technology, e.g. explaining the progress that has been made with the development of a product in recent months or years.

Suppliers can naturally be pro-active, by asking selected users and experts to immediately post a review!

Dependent on your subscription type: we support suppliers with getting a review from an independent expert.


I don’t like it that my competitors can be on the UK Energy Technology Platform. Why do you show competing technologies?

We indeed do (like at exhibitions), and that’s not a bad thing. After all, the biggest competitor to technology is not the technology of someone else. The biggest competition is that companies continue doing what they’ve always done! By having all relevant technologies on one platform, the decision process is accelerated. Compare it with furniture shops or car dealers all in the same area of town. People find out about available solutions anyway, hence better to make the information available quickly so decisions are taken (and people don’t stick to conventional practices!).


Do you share user details with suppliers?

We only do this if users explicitly agree. However, we are obviously keen to see that contact between supplier and end-user is established, hence we help where we can within the limits of GDPR legislation (dependent on the subscription type that the supplier chooses, see related FAQ’s).


Why do technology suppliers pay while end users can register for free?

Suppliers don't have to pay for getting their technology page published. They only pay for additional services like data analytics, Webinars or Tech Positioning. End-users have an alternative for technology: their current way of working. Hence letting them pay at any stage would create too much of a barrier. 


On your website, you mention several customer names. How do you know who exactly is visiting your site and looking at which technologies?

The moment people create an account and login, we know who is visiting the site. The moment people don’t log-in, we only see anonymous data.

At the same time, we actively network with end-users through consultancy & workshops, and this gives us the market intelligence. We have a large network across the industry. Also, we work together with a network of consultants who again have a very extensive network.


Who are the specific customer profiles that are active on your platform? And what titles do these people hold?

The titles and positions range, from engineer to board member. And that’s exactly what the platform aims to do: target people at different levels and in different parts of the organisation, such that multiple people become aware of opportunities to improve the business. Such that people start talking about it and people hear about improvement opportunities from different angles.

After all, getting technologies accepted is very much an influencing game, and this platform helps the supplier to (indirectly) influence the engineers and decision-makers in the end-user company.