Technologies in the Spotlight July 2021 | Drones on the Platform

JULY 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight

Drone technology has been widely used for inspections of difficult to reach areas such as confined spaces and workplaces at height. Since this type of inspection poses risks to the workforce when done the traditional way (i.e. use of scaffolding), unmanned aerial vehicles or more commonly known as drones have become a popular safer, cost effective and more efficient alternative.

As such, for this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight, we are featuring some of the drones we have on the platform. Check them below to watch their demo videos and access their tech pages.



Drones on the Platform


Terra UT Drone - Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements with drone

For a safer workplace and a lower downtime

With the Terra UT drone it is possible to execute certified steel thickness measurements at hard to reach places at height, such as storage tank walls, roofs and rafters or boiler tubes.



Check the other drones on the platform and access their tech pages through the links below.




Digital Asset Condition Assessment | Better, faster & safer inspection

Software tools which help to detect asset deficiencies and degradation allowing for quantitative insight to improve asset life cycle planning, Return of Investment and reduce environmental risks.

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Wind Turbine Drone Inspection | Digital processes for analysis and reporting with the support of artificial intelligence

100% and fully operable in onshore and offshore areas/environment with inspection of all kinds of primarily vertical standing industrial objects, but with BIG focus on wind turbines. 

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Autonomous Industrial Drone | Drone-in-a-box solution for inspection, safety and security

Percepto’s solution consists of a weatherproof intelligent-drone with UHD (4K) and thermal (radiometic) camera, a base station for recharging and sheltering the drone and PerceptoCore software suite for flight management, data storage, report management, permissioned team access and computer vision and AI-powered applications.

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WingtraOne | Redefining standards in aerial surveying

The WingtraOne vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) mapping drone is capable of performing fast aerial surveys across wide or hard to reach areas and producing reliable maps with unparalleled accuracy and resolution. 

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Collision Tolerant Drone (DU360) | Drone inspection of confined spaces with Elios drone

The DU360 is used for inspections of confined and complex places such as storage tanks and boilers. A protective cage with simultaneous full HD and thermal imagery with adjustable tilt angle makes it ideal for our inspectors to access otherwise unreachable places without risks of crash or injury.

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Tomorrow’s Digital Mini-Work ROVs Today | Digital underwater survey technology

AOS cover all three high risk environments – working at height, confined spaces and underwater (down to 300m) using the latest in remote access technology (Aerial drones, crawlers and Underwater Drones).

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Endoscope Inspection | Internal remote video inspection

Applus+ RVIS delivers Endoscopy or Internal remote visual inspection services of hard to reach and confined places. They provide smart solutions for internal visual inspection of pipes, boilers, cylinders, motors, reactors, heat exchangers, turbines, and other products with narrow, inaccessible cavities and/or channels. 

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Aerial Data Solution | Endless coverage. Zero disruption.

SkyX addresses major industry problems with a solution comprising four interoperable cutting-edge platforms: SkyOne & SkyTwo, xStationSkyXOS and SkyVision.

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Drone Data Acquisition and Processing | High resolution aerial imaging

DroneQuest transforms aerial mapping data into accurate 2D maps and 3D point clouds. Raw RedGreenBlue or InfraRed imagery is seamlessly stitched together to create an orthographic that is ready for analysis. Its machine learning algorithm transforms drone data into meaningful insights. 

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Voliro Airborne Robotics | Flying inspection Robot

Voliro AG offers an innovative flying robot design with unique capabilities never before seen on the market. Our flying inspection robot is an omnidirectional platform with the unique capability to approach, touch, and interact with the environment. 

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Drone Inspection (DU400) | Aerial Inspection of hard to reach assets

The DU400 is specifically designed for inspection of hard to reach metal structures such as flare stacks and power lines.

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Drones for visual Inspection of Tanks, Vessels and Structures | Tank inspection certified by classification societies

Global Drone Inspection uses Remote Inspection Techniques (UAV’s and ROV’s) for: (i) Classified surveys of hull structures of ships and mobile offshore units sailing under different Classification Societies, and (ii) Inspections of enclosed spaces and internal objects at height in the Oil and Gas Industry. 

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Remotely controlled aquatic drones | Your smart pair of eyes on the water!

AquaSmartXL provides you with an additional pair of eyes on the water. Our aquatic drones help to observe and inspect assets as well as their surroundings, giving you all the needed information for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation or insurance. 

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Aerial Inspection Services | Multi purpose unmanned aerial vehicles

Drone technology is steadily being incorporated as a sustainable practice for asset managers in the energy industries. ARV and our business partners are capable of providing good quality service with different drone solutions

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