Technologies in the spotlight | January 2021

JANUARY 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight

Industrial AI Driving Asset Uptime Reliability and Operational Efficiency

Delivering actionable insights through AI powered digital solutions across the Oil & Gas value chain. Cerebra, AI-platform, is rigorously field tested and scaled across enterprises globally.


Biosafe - Biofilm online monitor

On-line biofilm monitoring system

The biofilm system - Biosafe - is the best early warning system for biofilm buidup. This real time monitoring enables operators to identify biofilm on surfaces, to track the effectiveness of biocides and other water treatments for microbiological control, and to closely control those treatments so that the cleanliness of system surfaces is maintained.

Twister Separator System

Highest revenue at lowest cost

The Twister Separator System offers highly effective gas separation at the lowest life-cycle cost. Highest availability in combination with chemical-free operations and hardly any maintenance make it safe, efficient, and profitable.


Production forecasting system

FUTURE is the world's first true general-purpose oil/gas production forecasting system. It is the first system that, in a few minutes, can run full oil/gas integrated asset model calculations for large systems with the daily time-steps needed for short-term forecasting.


The smart assistant for the energy market

Nesh is a Conversational AI that combines the convenience of a Chatbot with the analytical and visualization capability of a business intelligence tool and the data search power of a cognitive search engine.