Technologies in the spotlight | February 2021

FEBRUARY 2021 Technologies in the Spotlight


Want to discover cool technologies on our platform? Here are five technologies we handpicked for you this month. Check them out and see if it’s something for you or your business.

smart helmet
Smart Helmet

The Industrial IoT solution for safe and streamlined work processes

With the smart helmet from Gemba IoT you know exactly what is happening. Anytime, in real time. Together with your asset management system, this intelligent safety helmet offers many more options. The Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT solution helps your company to work safer, more efficiently and better.

double block and bleed saver
Double Block & Bleed Saver

Safe working behind leaking valves by installing a vacuum lock

The working principle of the DBB-SAVER is based on active evacuation of the bleed volume, thereby creating a vacuum lock between two sealing surfaces preventing leakage towards the safe work area. This vacuum creates a negative pressure difference towards the safe work area and reverses the flow direction over the second barrier. The guaranteed continuous presence of the vacuum in the bleed section makes leakage to the safe working area physically impossible.


Reduce OPEX by ensuring immediate access to spare parts

OptiBoM™ is the industry-leading bill of materials (BoMs) cloud-based library database containing verified equipment BoMs and spare parts and offering direct access to records of spare part data. The details held in OptiBoM™ have been confirmed with the manufacturers or vendors and have the verified descriptions and part numbers. OptiBOM provides clients with an efficient means of ensuring their BoM data is up to date and well populated. It is designed to bridge the gap between operations and procurement, ensuring critical spare part information is available on demand so that part sourcing can be executed efficiently.


A reservoir management revolution

POSEIDON™ is the innovative reservoir management solution establishing new standards of workflow turnaround time and uncertainties management using predictive data methods. Fundamentals of POSEIDON include (i) data consistency scanning and quality control, (ii) stochastic multi-phase production allocation with production logging control, and (iii) advanced three-phase remaining oil mapping engine with log-derived wells fractional flow and (iv) fluid contacts position tracking merged with predictive data analytics and machine learning forecasts.

JESI - Remote Worker Safety Management Enterprise Software

Creating a safer connected world

JESI is a Journey Management cloud software solution for anyone that travels and/or operates in remote or isolated environments. JESI automates and alerts to emergency contacts when a traveller does not reach their destination. On top of this, the software enables organisational hierarchy to control the risks associated with a traveling workforce and it automates existing manual administration journey management process.