Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Spotlight

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Spotlight


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability for a computer to complete tasks which are usually done by humans, which include learning from (often huge amounts of) available resources and solving (business) problems.

Companies use AI technologies to generate and process huge amounts of data and turn the data into actionable insights. These insights are not only useful for companies to improve efficiency, ensure operational safety and reduce costs, but also key to global efforts to transition to clean energy as they can be used to address renewable energy supply intermittency or allow better integration in the energy systems.

As such, we decided to feature AI solutions on this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight. Here you can find nine (9) innovative AI technologies that could enhance knowledge on your assets, unlock optimal use of resources and accelerate decision making processes.

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Solarify by Loggma Digital Energy Solutions

Generate More Energy with Artificial Intelligence in Solar Power Plants

Using AI, Solarify calculates the energy needed to produce by solar power plan. Apart from eliminating errors, Solarify also makes a difference in data security and information security with end-to-end encryption.


AI Digital Platform for Asset Integrity & Risk Based Management

OrKsoft® is a digital platform dedicated to Asset Integrity Management. Its AI enables a proactive risk-based management approach to optimise Inspection & Maintenance strategies for relevant long-term programs. 

Game Artificial Intelligence for Complex Decision Making by White Space Energy

Better and faster decisions across the value chain

Game AI approach allows you to make better and faster decisions. How it works: insider knowledge converts business problems into games, then it uses AI to run (and play) the game millions of times, to achieve superhuman performance and identify winning strategies. These winning strategies provide valuable insights in decision making and “trade-offs”. 

AiSpanner by AISpanner

Reimagining Turnaround, Shutdown, Maintenance & Safety Planning

AiSpanner is a maintenance and safety planning application. This technology uses advanced visualisation, analytics and spatial intelligence to: reduce costs, improve productivity, safety and communication (between operators, contractors and sub-contractors).

ReliaSol Intelligent Maintenance System: RSIMS Apps and RSIMS Platform by Reliasol

AI Software for Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance

The RSIMS User dashboard provides real-time monitoring with asset health, failure prediction and alarms, and this is broadly applicable across industries; such as Energy, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Mining and even Automotive, Food & Beverage and Logistics. 

GearEx human-centric AI-powered IoT platform for industrial Health and Safety by EDGETEQ Ltd.

All in one smart biometric wearable device | The core element of our Health and Safety IoT Platform

GearEx is an integrated system of both hardware and software components. The wristband—an all in one smart biometric wearable device—has the technology to sense safety risks and sends alarms in case of danger, therefore lessening the chances of workplace injuries. 

Canopy by Jungle AI

The AI technology that helps you improve machinery performance

Canopy’s AI uses historical data to learn how your machines function under all operating conditions. Use data to improve performance in the following industries: Renewable industry (wind & solar), process industry, heavy industry, transportation (shipping), chemicals, manufacturing, packaging. 

BridgeBrains by Sobolt

AI assessments for smarter bridge inspections

BridgeBrains combine 80% AI and 20% human expertise to provide inspection and monitoring process from beginning to end. By using AI with the assisted inspections. Accuracy, objectivity and time management are enhanced.

OilfieldOS by Apriside ApS

Software for safe, controlled, and cost-effective well operations

OilfieldOS is a module-based interactive project management platform for cost-efficient well planning and operations. System integration and automatized information exchange provide a work environment with limited data entry points establishing the Single Source of Truth.

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